Thanks for your interest in hosting a date of Sidewalk Prophet's "Great Big Family Room" Tour.  We're offering this tour for in exchange for:  A venue, hotel rooms, meals, volunteers, and professional calibur sound system.  Press "begin" to submit your venue for consideration.
Thanks for your interest in hosting the "Great Big Family Room" tour.  What is your full name? *

Please provide the best telephone number for us to reach you at. *

Do you have approval by the venue to submit this form?

This form is intended solely for venues that are serious about hosting the "Great Big Living Room" tour.  If you are not the venue's main contact please obtain permission before proceeding with this process.
What date are you looking at booking the tour?
Must be between Feb 5- April 30th, 2015 *

What type of venue is it that your are submitting? *

What is the venue name? *

What is the address for the venue? (Name, Street, City, State, ZIP) *

What is the capacity of the venue?  Venues must have capacity of 600 or more. *

Does the venue have a professional caliber sound system available for use? *

This tour requires the use of venue sound system and sound technician.
Does this venue regularly hold events? *

Please provide the following information for the venue's main contact.  Full Name / Phone Number / E-mail Address. *

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  Our team will look over your request and if the information you provide looks like it may work with our schedule our team will be in touch.

Sidewalk Prophets "Great Big Family Room" Tour 2014
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